Principal Therapist at Come Healing, Speaker

and Mental Health Advocate

Lauran Ware

BBS (Psych) BPsychSc (Hons) MBPsS


I am Lauran Ware an Emotional and Mental Wellness Therapist (EMWT). I believe that heal emotional disturbances requires the right tools. My background in Psychology has given me an amazing understanding of diagnosis, however, I believe true healing comes from looking at our emotional and mental lives and using the tools that keep us emotionally well.  


I am fascinated by how disconnected humans have become. Disconnected from both themselves and each other. In a modern world overcome with the external and logical so many of us are terrified of the emotional landscape that shapes our internal lives.


We all have times in our lives we need someone to speak to that can listen to us without judgement or comment. Someone who can provide us with effective strategies and tools to be able to proceed with clarity and confidence.


It is my mission to teach people how to navigate and harness the power of their internal emotional landscape in order to shape their external lives. To approach their lives with resilience power and presence.

I have made it my life’s work, to help my clients stressful life events including:


  • Relationship breakdowns and divorce

  • Drinking

  • Substance use and partying

  • Cheating/infidelity

  • Feelings of restlessness and boredom

  • A lack of mental clarity and purpose

  • Dietary issues

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Death, loss and grief

  • Disconnection and loneliness

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Cutting

  • Suicidal ideation


Lauran is an Emotional and Mental Wellness Therapist, mentor, speaker and writer who delivers an eclectic holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health, facilitating programmes using tools from her studies in western psychology, depth psychology, Jungian analysis, affective state theory, somatic experiencing, EMDR, CBT, affective neurobiology traditional healing, hypnotherapy, creative arts therapy, post-modern spirituality, martial arts, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and musicology to assist in healing and allowing her clients to become the truest version of themselves.


Working with people with various psychological presentations including but not limited to: complex trauma, anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, perceptual disturbances and ADHD.


Working with individuals and corporations and groups from 6 years of age through to adulthood, allowing them to establish a sense of security and trust and purpose both within themselves, within their relationships and throughout the world around them. She uses this as a basis for healing, ultimately allowing her clients to move them towards psychological individuation.

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