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How a Beauty Routine Can Contribute To Your Wellbeing

Guest blog by Evolve Organic Beauty (

Sometimes there can be days where you wake up and don’t really feel like facing the day. Pillow lines have creased your cheeks and that pesky smudge of mascara is still under your eyes. So, what can you do to make yourself feel better? Hop in the shower, use your favourite products, pop on your favourite lipstick, these are all little ways we can help ourselves feel ready to face the day ahead.

Whilst it may sound superficial, beauty routines can help our overall wellbeing.

We need to learn how to look after ourselves before we can focus on anyone else, it's all about how it makes you feel. So if spending five minutes applying a face mask makes you feel better, go for it!

The times when we feel worse than usual, maybe experiencing a dip in our mental health, we can neglect ourselves. It can be really hard to even think about small tasks like brushing our teeth or even getting dressed. We lose our routines and that can make it harder to gain back control. Try a small 3 step beauty routine. No matter what time of day, if you can bring yourself to do it first thing in the morning - great. If you have to wait until you’re about to fall asleep - that’s great too. It’s all about celebrating your personal achievements. But by having this small beauty routine, you can start to gain back control of your time.

Once you have found a routine that fits you and your lifestyle, it is time to make the most of it. This is your ‘me time’. Light that candle that you have been saving for a special occasion. Put on your favourite pyjamas. Play your favourite song and breathe. Enjoy your beauty products, notice how they smell, how they feel on your skin and how your skin feels afterwards. Focus on yourself.

If you want to try out a simple beauty routine that will help you to spend some time for yourself then why not try out these three small steps to get you started:

  1. Cleanse your skin. This will help you to get rid of any makeup that may be lingering and any impurities that are sitting on your skin. It also helps to create a clean canvas so that the rest of your beauty products can work better for you.

  2. Moisturise your skin. This helps to nourish your skin and add in moisture. Feeding your skin with moisture will help it to appear healthier and more ‘glowy’.

  3. Try some acupressure. We all have points on our face that when we apply pressure to, can help us feel more relaxed. Try using your index fingers to gently press three times on your temples. This will help to relieve headaches and strain. Then move to your third eye (the point between your eyebrows). Pressing here can help to relieve feelings of anxiety and improve sleep.

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