Emotion Amplified during Coronavirus

by Lauran Ware

Why has everyone started calling it the 'novel' coronavirus? For me, this shit ain't a novelty at all. It has been a completely gut reaching terrifying disaster at some points and a liberating impetus to change at others. But certainly not 'novel'. One thing I do know for sure is that any of the feelings and emotions that are coming up for me right now are being completely amplified.

I had been meditating for years however, a three years ago I discovered Vedic meditation (taught to me by the incredible Tiffany Jackson). If you are new to mediation or as I was - already a seasoned meditator looking to deepen my practice, this sort of tool has been invaluable in being able to understand my own inner psycho-emotional workings.

Meditation is one of the most extraordinary tools I have in my arsenal in order to be able to accurately assess and manage the amplification of emotion that is going on for both myself and my clients right now.

It is a brilliant skill that allows my clients to manage their emotional landscape between EMWT sessions with me. What mediation gives

us is the gift of being able to pause, to navigate and assess our own inner workings and to respond rather than react. When we feel stressed, distressed or triggered (& let's face it so many of us are right now), all our history memories and trauma's rush to the surface. If we don't take the time to pause, we will continue to do what we've always done. To react rather than to respond (for more information on stress response theory:

In my course on emotional fluency [], we look at the 'short-chain' stress response feedback loop most of us have going on contrasted against the more adaptive 'long-chain' process that will allow us to transform our responses to all

As you can see meditation forms one of the central components of an emotionally fluent person who can communicate effectively and show up authentically in their lives.

An amazing by-product of the 'novel' coronavirus is that it will force many of us to become more self-actualised, emotionally fluent and resilient if we choose to tackle the challenges we're faced with