The Beauty of Mental Wellness...

Like exercise, therapy, meditation, yoga & nutrition, beauty and make up are mental wellness tools. Self care ritual's are a right of passage to feel better about ourselves.

Beauty is a personal preference. However like spirituality, beauty is a highly inflammatory subject with opinions as wide ranging as drag queens to celebrity culture. Fashion to ethnicity, body dysmorphia, retouching, botox, eating disorders, acne, anxiety, art, fairytale, story, sustainability & mythology. It's viewed as aspirational, inspirational, oppressive all at the same time.

The emotional underpinnings of what on earth this whole  beauty thing is are difficult to wrestle with - and with laundry list no wonder!!  

But the crux of the issue - in contemporary culture, how you look effects how you feel. It's the ritual of putting on make-up, washing your hair, the art of self grooming that gives you the hit of endorphins that we all crave.

For some people (male or female) beauty is like armour, make-up their war paint [theirs even a brilliant mens makeup brand by that name (, the founder Danny's story is incredible if anyone is interested in body dysmorphia (BDD)!] . For others beauty feels like a mask to hide behind, for others still beauty feels like an oppressive obligation to 'have to look beautiful', wear makeup, wax your legs, wash your hair or - heaven forbid for any bra burning feminists - shave your underarms [this is a joke, obvs].

Like anything, our beauty regimen is a tool. It can be either be a healthy adaptive self care ritual, a means of self expression or just another thing to become addicted to, to over use or in the extreme causes medical issues and deformities.