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Yoga & Traditional Chineese Medicine

Yoga is a ritual you get to create for yourself - whether your initial desire is to explore mind, body or soul. Sarah’s mission is to guide you through practices that foster a vital connection with your whole state of being, to truly know yourself - the essence of which you can take from the mat out into the world. 


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Principal & Emotional and Mental Wellness Therapist

Healing emotional disturbances requires the right tools. Psychology has gives us an amazing understanding of diagnosis, however, true healing comes from looking at our emotional and mental lives and using the tools and skills that keep us emotionally well.  

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Meditation Teacher

Meditation is the process of removing stress, tension and fatigue from our nervous system. Meditation relaxes the mind and therefore the body and releases unwanted stresses that effect our nervous system and hence our well being.  


By releasing the stresses in the body, research has shown, we improve the quality of many components of our lives.


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