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Personal Therapy & Professional Services in London & Globally Online 

Lauran Ware Executive Coach Therapist Ps

Lauran Ware

BBS (Psych) BPsychSc (Hons) GMBPsS EMWT


I am Lauran an Emotional and Mental Wellness Therapist (EMWT), Healer & Teacher. I believe that healing emotional disturbances requires the right tools. My background in western Psychology has given me an amazing understanding of the diagnostic process, however, I believe true healing comes from looking at our emotional and mental lives and using the tools that keep us emotionally regulated. I believe we function optimally when we can integrate all of ourselves. We can exist with a quiet confidence & inner knowing when our 'interiority' and our external lives align. 


I teach you how to harness the power of your internal psycho - emotional landscape, to navigate your emotional storms, to actualise your uniqueness and to approach your life with resilience, power and presence no matter what challenges you are facing right now.

Offering individual therapy sessions in London and globally online via Zoom.

Psychotherapist London, Harley St Marylebone and Waterloo

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I have made it my life’s work, to help my clients stressful life events including:


Anxiety, Depression, Anger 


Addiction, 12 Step Recovery, Substance Use

Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) & Rape

Cutting, Non Suicidal Self Injury & Suicidal Ideation

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia & Dietary Issues

(Complex) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD (CPTSD) & Trauma

Sex & Love Addiction

Restlessness and Boredom

Clarity and Purpose

Stress & Overwhelm

Death, Loss & Grief

Disconnection & Loneliness

Insomnia & Hypersomnia

Narcissistic Abuse


I am now pleased to offer online therapy sessions globally online via Zoom. 


If you are an individual or company interested in working with me please reach out. I look forward to our next online therapy session.

May your life be your masterpiece in progress, as ever we are becoming, L.⁠



 "I feel so fortunate to have found Lauran and had her to guide me through some difficult times. She has had a profound affect on my life and would highly recommend her, especially to women as I feel her emotional connection and knowledge is second to none."

London, UK

Since starting my transatlantic Zoom sessions I have found Lauran to be professional, warm, understanding, supportive and extremely helpful. I love her approach to healing our amazing bodies with this holistic system, she embraces psychological and physiological within the individual. I have been able to attain a holistic sense of well-being without pharmaceutical drugs. She has cultivated activities that integrate body, mind and spirit. I could not recommend her enough."

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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