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Lauran is an Emotional and Mental Wellness Therapist, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer, Psychotherapist, Principal Therapist and Director at Come Healing.


Born and raised in an antique shop in Bangalow, a small town near Byron Bay, Australia, Lauran now resides in London, England.


She delivers an eclectic holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health and therapy. Facilitating individual sessions and programmes using tools from her studies in western psychology, psychotherapy & counselling, depth psychology, addiction therapy and 12 step recovery, Jungian analysis, affective state theory, somatic therapies, CBT, affective neurobiology traditional healing, traditional chinese medicine (TCM), theology, hypnotherapy, the creative and performing arts, postmodern spirituality, martial arts, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, prayer and musicology, her guidance allows her clients to become the greatest, truest versions of themselves.


Lauran helps you to establish a sense of  'interiority', a feeling of empowerment, trust and purpose, allowing you to flourish within their relationships and the world around them. Becoming truest version of themselves. She uses this as the basis of healing.


 "I feel so fortunate to have found Lauran and had her to guide me through some difficult times. She has had a profound affect on my life and would highly recommend her, especially to women as I feel her emotional connection and knowledge is second to none.

London, UK

Since starting my transatlantic Zoom sessions I have found Lauran to be professional, warm, understanding, supportive and extremely helpful. I love her approach to healing our amazing bodies with this holistic system, she embraces psychological and physiological within the individual. I have been able to attain a holistic sense of well-being without pharmaceutical drugs. She has cultivated activities that integrate body, mind and spirit. I could not recommend her enough.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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