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CORPORATE WELLNESS Workshops, Professional Development In London & Globally

So few businesses take the time to deep dive into the psychological components of their enterprise including communication style, stress and resilience, neuroscience and wellbeing as factors for commercial success. So why not give your company the edge?


Corporate Wellness & Leadership Training provide you with some of the most valuable intangible tools you can equip  your organisation, yourself and your employees with. A team of happy thriving people is always going to lead to a more enjoyable (& research suggests profitable) working life.


Come Healing offers Corporate Workshops & Training in SE London, London Metro, across the UK and Ireland. These can also be delivered online internationally. 



Many companies balk at the idea of integrating emotional or dare it be said spiritual principles into their world of spreadsheets, forecasting and projections. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual does not mean 'woo woo'. If you could have a spreadsheet delivered with a 'spirit' of genuine enthusiasm, sass and a smile at your next board meeting, it would make for a much more fascinating experience, right? That’s the kind of spirit we’re talking about (business ala spirit-ual)! 


It's about encouraging the spirit of joy and cooperation and using our collective power in the most practical sense. Energy and enthusiasm precede thriving. So we look at creating environments for each individual to thrive for the benefit of the collective. 


Come Healing applies a wellness based approach to all that we do. Offering a holistic and integrative perspective to corporate coaching, business and leadership development and training.

Professional Development Courses

PROFESSIONAL  DEVELOPMENT workshops, courses & events

Stress Resilience Emotional Inteligence






Teach your leadership team

staff to harness mental wellness at work.


Using mental wellbeing techniques and the latest in psychology and neuroscience research this  workshop will teach your team to thrive.



Corageous Conversations at Work.png


How can we have conversations that really matter?

In these unprecedented times, effective communication has NEVER been more important!


I am not going to give you the magic potion to suddenly have everyone doing what you want them to do. What this workshop teaches is how to get comfortable in the discomfort, have the conversations that really matter and communicate both clearly and effectively.


tummy torso gut gut feelings.jpg


Have you ever had a gut feeling, ignored it then regretted it later?


This workshop helps us to understand how optimum physiological functioning including nutrition and physical wellness is directly linked to our mental and emotional health and wellbeing.



The courses are delivered in English.
These can be delivered as:
90 minute workshops* 
Half day sessions 10am to 1pm  or 2pm to 5pm
Full day sessions 10am to 5pm

*evenings available on request 


The depth of time and content required by your company depends on your business unique profile. To find out more, discuss the needs specific to your team or to book your free discovery call please email us


I am now pleased to offer corporate wellness, professional development Workshops online internationally via Zoom. 


If you are an individual or company interested in working with me please reach out. I look forward to our next online Executive Coaching session or corporate workshop online.

May your life be your masterpiece in progress, as ever we are becoming, L.⁠


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